Programs of immigration to Slovakia

Fast. Legally. Guarantee of a positive response. Nowadays Slovakia is one of really popular EU countries for immigration.


Slovakia is not overflowed with migrants and it's also simplified to get residence permit. Prices for accommodation, food, rent are much lower than in many other European countries. Moreover, Slovak language is really similar to Ukrainian and Russian; same can be told about culture and traditions. These provide an easier adaptation. Real comfort is made with gorgeous mountains, parks, wildlife sanctuaries and ancient cities. What is more, Slovakia is situated close to immigration Europe countries. For example, you can get to Bratislava or Vienna in only two hours on a car or train. So, migration in Slovakia is a really good to decision.

If you live in third world countries and you want stable, happy and successful life, we advise you to look with attention on Slovakia and immigration programs:

  1. Getting a residence permit in Slovakia through the opening of private enterprise
  2. Getting a residence permit in Slovakia through the opening LLC
  3. Getting a residence permit in Slovakia by learning courses or books of Slovak language
  4. Getting a residence permit in Slovakia, studying at university

A residence permit gives you a right to immigrate and live in this country even for more than with a standard Schengen visa (90 days for 6 months for maximum). Also having a residence permit you are really able to get the right for working, which is not provided with a visa only.

Process of official immigration to Slovakia consists of the successive steps:

  1. Obtaining a temporary residence permit
  2. Obtaining a permanent residence permit
  3. Obtaining a citizenship in Slovakia

Permanent residence in the country of Slovakia gives you the following advantages:

  • Direct path to obtaining a citizenship;
  • The right to have a vote in elections;
  • The right to have a job in many countries of the EU;
  • Social benefits from the state;
  • Business in any of the EU countries;
  • Obtaining credits for favorable interest;

You may get such permanent residence permit only if you comply with legislative framework of the EU, successfully extending the residence permit. Also you shouldn’t leave Slovakia for these 5 years.

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